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Miller’s Antiques & Auction Company

Hixton, Wisconsin



You’ll find Miller’s Antiques and Auction Company nestled in the northeast corner of the intersection of Interstate 94 and Wisconsin Highway 95 at I-94 exit 105 in Hixton, Wisconsin.


A trip to Miller’s Antiques & Auction Company is a “must do” for any seasoned and serious antiquer.  The shop encompasses 2,200 square feet and its ‘plum full’!  Owner, Glenn Miller specializes in, “advertising and the unusual.”  He notes that, “If you’ve never been to my shop, you're missing out on an experience.  You won’t find much glassware or ‘girlie’ stuff, although I do have some retro and funky stuff.”  “We have”, he says, “items from $3 fruit jars to $5,000 signs and a little bit of everything in between!” 


The passion for old junk started early for Glenn. At age 5 he could be found digging in bottle dumps behind the family cottage in Hatfield WI.  Then, as he got older he would ride his bike to nearby garage sales and auctions. At age 13 he set up at his first flea market in Hatfield, WI, selling beer signs, glasses and steins that he had accumulated.   “Even at age 13 I had more stuff than I knew what to do with” says Glenn.


It’s a well-known fact that for many antiques collectors and dealers the best part of the business is the buying.  But early on Glenn decided he had the bug for selling stuff.  This passion continued through high school where he says, “I would sell stuff out of my locker to other students – mostly stuff like candy bars and cassettes.”


After high school, Glenn continued buying and selling. In 1998 he started selling on eBay and that's when he really got carried away.  In 2001 he quit his full time job and started selling antiques full time.  He readily admits that, “Most everyone I knew thought I was nuts!”  In fact he adds, “Even I knew I was nuts – and that's probably what helped me to succeed.”


Then, in 2007 he bought the property at exit 105 in Hixton, Wisconsin and started Miller’s Antiques & Auction Company where, in addition to operating an antiques store he began conducting antique consignment auctions.

Glenn conducted regular auctions for several years and gradually evolved to just specializing in advertising auctions. He currently runs between two and four “High Quality Advertising Auctions” every year.  His auctions are conducted at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Tomah WI.  


“I travel all over the country buying interesting stuff,” says Glenn.  “My inventory is always changing.  It will definitely be worth your time to stop and see us!”


If you are interested in Miller’s Antiques & Auction Company’s auctions, visit for schedules and photos of their upcoming auctions.


Or you can view additional photos of their current shop inventory on their Facebook page at



Miller’s Antiques & Auction Company

N8779 Highway 95 ~ Hixton, WI 54635

(From I-94 in either direction, take exit 105 and then turn left (north) onto highway 95.  The shop is less than a half mile up the road.)



Open 7 Days A Week

10am to 5pm