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Off Broadway Antiques

Sauk Centre, MN


From an early age Jan Watson had a love for buying and selling at flea markets and antiques shows in and around the Twin Cities area.  Then, about 40 years ago she started seriously in the antiques business, becoming a well-known dealer in several Antiques Shops in the Uptown area of Minneapolis and in downtown Stillwater, MN.  During her tenure in these shops she decided that eventually she wanted to own her own shop. 


In the mid 80’s, she says, “…because of the crime in the metro area…” she moved her family to Osakis, Minnesota and opened an Antiques Shop in the neighboring town of Alexandria.  The shop was located in the basement of a corner building on Broadway, Alexandria’s main street.  But because the building’s entrance didn’t open onto Broadway, (it was on the side of the building about 30 feet from the corner), she named her new shop Off Broadway Antiques.


The shop was successful, but Jan longed to “get out of the basement and into the sunlight” and so when another space became available just down the block (a full block east of Broadway) she jumped at the chance and moved Off Broadway Antiques even further off Broadway.


The space was perfect and for four years Off Broadway Antiques was one of three premiere Antiques Shops in Alexandria.  And then in October 2010 disaster struck.  One night burglars broke into Off Broadway Antiques with the intention of stealing coins and other valuables and then, presumably to cover their tracks, they set fire to the shop.  Heartbroken, Jan and her dealers scrubbed, cleaned and salvaged what they could and Jan put her inventory into storage.


For the next two years she would pull inventory and set up at the HarMar Mall shows in Roseville, but in the back of her mind she always thought there would be another opportunity for her to open another shop.


And then a building came up for sale in the neighboring town of Sauk Centre.  It was just what she was looking for and since it was even further off Broadway than the last shop, once again she didn’t feel the need to change the name.  Plus, everyone knew that Off Broadway Antiques meant Jan Watson!


Someone once said, “The third times a charm!”, and that’s just how Jan feels.  Tucked into a quaint little building (that’s actually much larger than it appears) on Sinclair Lewis Avenue less than a block off Sauk Centre’s Original Main Street, Off Broadway Antiques fits right into this historic downtown area that includes the Palmer House Hotel and one of Minnesota’s few remaining downtown movie theatres.      


Once inside Off Broadway Antiques you’ll find a great variety of all kinds of antiques, collectibles, and vintage items.  And you’ll find Jan – who’s always willing to make a deal.  There are constantly lots of “Red X” (half price) tags scattered around the shop and her inventory changes fast and furiously.  Take a minute to check out her website at and then make plans to stop in and visit!


Off Broadway Antiques

521 Sinclair Lewis Ave ~ Sauk Centre, MN 56378


(From I-94 in either direction, take exit 127 to Highway 71 North (Original Main Street).

At the second set of stop lights (Original Main Street and Sinclair Lewis Avenue) turn left (west).

Off Broadway Antiques is half-way down the block on the left.)





~ Winter Hours ~

Wednesday to Saturday

10am to 4pm